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Miletus Group, Inc.


Makers of Modular Architecture
Manufacturing Plant Located in North-Central Indiana
Serving US Midwest, North East,and South East States


The industry leader in sustainable architectural
quality offsite construction.
Sustainable Design Services

 - Design Development

 - Materials Selection

 - Energy Use Analysis 

Waste Reduction Plans in Place:

 - Material Waste Reduction by Design

 - 95% Plant Waste Recycle Rate

Carbon Neutral Operations since January 1, 2011

 - Office and Plant Operations

 - Delivery and Logistics


Now Offering European Style
Bathroom PODS
Hotels, Apartments, Hospitals

Save hundreds of man hours, increase quality, achieve greater material efficiency, better job site safety and faster overall build schedules:

  • Bespoke, or

  • Custom Design by Miletus Group, Inc.

  • Steel or Wood Framing

  • NR, 1 Hour or 2 Hour Construction

  • Pre-Wired and Pre-Plumbed

  • All Options in Materials, Fixtures and Configurations Available

  • Each POD Factory Tested before Shipping

Offering High Quality Bathroom Pods
to the US Market

US made bathroom pods provide all the qualities you would expect of a European bathroom pod with. US quality built-in.


US Quality Built-in
All of our products are designed and manufactured in our own manufacturing facility in north-central Indiana by skilled US labor. By selecting our products, not only are you supporting the US manufacturing economy, you are also benefiting from a quality which is unsurpassed in the marketplace.


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